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Barside Beer Reviews

I posted a review today for Sands Beer I had it during my vacation in 2010 to the Bahamas. I’ve been clearing out stuff at home and we are on our second house and first kid since I had this beer but it is one of the oldest beers in the backlog that I am writing reviews for. I’ve Switched from SquareSpace to godaddy I decided that the website needs an updated look and feel after almost 7 years and the coding and SEO was way out of date. So with that in mind I switched and since I’ve been working with WordPress a lot over the last couple of years its made sense for me to switch. SquareSpace was very good as a host and I have no complaints but I already have a lot of stuff with godaddy and I had a coupon(the real reason). I’ve also started adding pictures of the beers that I’ve posted since label recognition is usually how people remember the beers or the reviews. I don’t own these logos they are the property of the companies that produce the beer or the label so please don’t hotlink.

The Contact page now actually works and commenting on individual posts is currently closed since I’am sick of getting a wack of spam. So let me know what you think.

I know I always say that I will try to keep this site more up to date and I’ve failed at that multiple times but I can’t bring myself to close it up so I’am going to try to put a little automation into it for Beer news and other stuff.




Barside Beer Reviews