Molson Coors is raising funds to take over Miller Brand

Molson Coors will be raising around 2 billion dollars by using a public offering 27 million shares to fund a global takeover of the Miller brand this spring. Molson Coors and SABMiller jointly owned MillerCoors. This purchase will buy out the current 58% stake in the MillerCoors that Anheuser-Busch InBev currently has in the brand after its takeover of SABMiller last year. This is great for Molson since it will allow them import licenses on a bunch of products into the states as well as removing any royalties they had to pay on the Miller name.

What does this mean in the end to the average beer drinker that doesn’t watch the stock market(I Don’t it was on CBC). It really won’t change a thing in the end except possibly open the doors to have more Canadian Brands available to the world market. Since this will effectively double MolsonCoors. It also means that there is less worry that Miller will continue as a brand that won’t have several masters because anyone who has had multiple bosses can tell you it’s not a good thing.

So for those of you who come home after work and “It’s Miller Time” its not going away anytime soon.