50 For 50 Contest Winner Budweiser

I said I would never review bud the contest is an out its more of a story but this is the best one sent for the contest Congrats again Robert.

Hi Here is my entry for the 50 for 50 contest


I first tried Budweiser when I was at a party in High School a friend of mine’s brother was over 21 so he got us some. Everyone seemed to like it except me so I figured I just didn’t like beer. During my first year of college I was again offered beer but it was Coor’s and I really liked it, after a while I tried a Bud again and still didn’t like it. I’ve always wondered what beer would taste like after being passed through a body at least twice before it was bottle and packed in a truck and shipped across the continent. I have always wondered why so many people can be so wrong and have something so bad that I have a huge deep down fear for the fate of the human race. I’ve been told that it’s not very popular outside America and that makes me feel a little better about it but than again I remember we voted Bush in twice and he only had to hit a big red reset button by accident. I wouldn’t encourage anyone to drink it.


Thanks for reading this.




New York, New York