The Barking Squirrel Experience

So I tried barking squirrel at the Highlander Pub in Ottawa. I figured since this beer is not available in stores that I would write about the whole Pub experience and the beer in the blog.  Barking squirrel lager is a crisp tasting lager with a hoppy taste and a fruity aftertaste that is really smooth and quite palatable. On a Wednesday night the Highlander is still busy and I had to fight for a seat. Working 6 days a week has also made me realize that sitting down makes me want to sleep.

The great thing about the Highlander has always been the selection and the type of people that it has attracted. It has the usual mix of office workers and labourers enjoying a quiet drink but it has another effect in Ottawa it has people in the 19-23 age group that are behaving and not getting trashed and acting like little shits. It is as if they are on holy ground and cannot fight.( find the reference in the name of the bar and win a prize… no real prize other than you are as much a pop culture junkie as I’am and there can only be one. Okay I made that joke a little to easy at the end but someone will not get it and we can all make fun of them.

Anyway the people I was talking about, their is a couple beside me talking and planning there upcoming wedding through the medium of the napkins. There is a of girls behind me describing the difference between there current and last boyfriends.

The musician that is playing this evenings set is sitting across from me tuning his guitar chatting happily with the waitress and myself. The spectrum of people at this pub is as broad as the selection in the wall of scotch that it is famous for.


I used to come to this very pub to start off my usual nights out with my friends I always had a beer or scotch here before going out. for some reason the atmosphere always put me to peace and I never got urge to get wrecked here. A few years later I still don’t feel the urge. This is a place for a quiet drink and enjoy the atmosphere and music. I guess this means that I’am growing up and am approaching maturity. This place doesn’t change which can also be a part of it from the suits of armour and the kilts and tartans the servers where its always comfortable.

Just finishing my first Barking Squirrel and I must say that I like it alot. I’am enjoying the atmosphere alot and the music of the current musician who btw does a great munjo and gerry when the summer times. I’am reading what distant deeps by david drake on my new ebook reader.


the guitar player that I mentioned previously is really good and I will be comming back just for his music. So as I’am ordering this next Barking Squirrell i’am sitting with my feet up enjoying the music.

I’ve been here for about 2 hours now and the downside of a pub on Rideau St. is that the strong smell of reiffer is blowing in the wind.


The atmoshpere is by far the best thing about this beer, but it is a good beer on its own I understand the geniuse behind the only avail in pubs plan it accentuates the beer by the experience thats one of the reasons that I wrote my experience down.




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