So tonights beer reviews are Chimay Premieres From Belgian Greene King IPA for England and Miller Genuine Draft from south of the border the U.S. I held off on posting the Chimay last week since I had to give it a second chance first impressions on it where bad but I tried it with the recommended food and in the recommended glass and it was better. I keep getting request for reviews as I stated in the Strongbow review I dont usually take them escpecially when they are usually for Budweiser and Coor’s if I did I would say very unflattering things. Yes I have drunk them and I was drunk at the time much the same way I would claim I was drunk as an excuse for taking home someone from a bar that night and thank all the gods that I was so drunk I didn’t remember the experience until my so called friends showed up with photographic evidence. This long ramble is basically stop requesting Coors and Bud I will do requests as long as they reasonable or at least with some kind of reasoning behind them.



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