Well I’ve been working a lot at this time of year and I started this site up to blow off some steam but over the last 2 weeks I haven’t been able to write a post or review a few beers. I have now been put back to a sane work pace of less than 60 hours a week and I will be posting a bunch on Wednesday.

The thoughts are basically this I work in an industry were products can be pulled off the shelves. A major cosmetic pesticide ban in Ontario in this case. Normally this kind of thing is regulated by Health Canada and Environment Canada, but in this case the provincial government without consulting anyone in the farming or landscaping or extermination industries pulled a bunch of products off the shelf. Fine thats all said and done I didnt agree with the reasoning behind it aka there wasn’t any other then pesticides are bad therefore dangerous. I’am letting the lawsuits and courts solve that no this rant is about the customers. Why after being explained this handed the pamphlets from the province and being told that they can’t buy it anymore would walk over to the first cashier or stock person and start yelling at them that the company doesnt want to sell him something its not that we dont want to its that we CANT and I’am not to much up on my political hierarchy but a 17 year old stock person may not have the Premiers home phone number on speed dial while a courier service is speedily sending a newly editing peice of legislation to his home for emergency signing after staying up all night to write it in anticipation of getting yelled at the next day so they can pull that rabbit out of there hat. So If your going to yell at someone about something like this place stop think and ask yourself can this person fix my problem and I will guarantee you that 9 times out of 10 that answer will be NO!!


Sorry about the long rant but just tired of watching my staff at work get screamed at for no other reason than Ignorance