So as work is starting to slow down and I’am not working for 15 day stretches at a time I may actually start posting reviews. I haven’t stopped drinking beer for any crazy reasons like my health or anything I have several reviews written down I just need to get around to typing and posting them.

Now I have a serious question, how many people answer the phone at work when they are not open. The biggest question I get at work on a weekend is are you open. Why would I answer the freaking phone when I’am not open that day. On top of that Why am I at work when I’am not open in a retail store.

The other question if I offer you a product that is going to say kill your bug problem why do you ask if it is going to work. I wouldn’t have given you the product if I knew it wasn’t going to work and asking this question 3 to 4 times in a conversation isn’t going to magically get me to give you a different answer. I’am not going to be like” Wait did you say you wanted to kill your cockroaches sorry I though you said your children here take this product this will kill your cockroaches… and your children”


Hopefully these long hours will be done soon.




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