Tuborg Gold

Tuborg Gold

Tuborg Gold

Tuborg Gold

Ok heres a request that I’ve gotten and a story so first the story from Jim of Ottawa


The Story

1985, my wife and friends Dave and Joyce are travelling the countryside in Portugal when we come across this beautiful cobble-stoned town, famous for shoes.


Only interested in beer, Dave and I send the girls on their way with coin, a kiss and a promise to remain put at this very old outdoor cafe.   Dave says “Don’t forget us’, HUH, I got the keys.


What can I serve you, the owner said In broken, but understandable English.

Two beers, what type? SURPRISE us, I will return in a moment gentlemen. Gentlemen!! (if he only knew)


TUBORG GOLD, remember that name. 11/2 hours later, 4 BORG’S each and still no sign of the girls.  OH, oh, here they come bags in hand, quick order a couple of travelers (after all neither one of us can drive in this condition).


One of the smoothist and most distinctive tastes I can ever recall.  The Beer Store does carry a couple of varieties and I do recommend picking up a 6 pack or two.



Ok so here is a little on the history of the brewery and beer.


Tuborg Brewery was founded in 1873 by Carl Tietgen originally it was producing a pale lager. In 1894 it was then merged with United Breweries, which had a profit sharing agreement with Carlsberg at 1903. Carlsberg bought United Breweries in 1970.


The Beer


The beer itself is a %5.5 lager and has a nice pale golden colour to it, with a bit of a hoppy taste. It has a little bit of a bitter aftertaste but that’s common in many Danish beers and it is a good thing. Very smooth with a pleasant aroma, I agree with Jim that you should go and get at least one 6 pack. I tried this with a nice T-bone steak and baked potato I also used a little bit of it to marinate the steak. It did very well in this regard but I wouldn’t relegate it to marinating duty since it is a very fine beer for drinking indeed. I have yet to taste a bad Danish beer. Tuborg Gold definitely gets high marks.


I appreciate the story Jim and I hope to see more from people you never know it might get put up on the website or read during the podcast.


The Rating


Country:          Denmark

Type:               Lager

Alcohol:          %5.5

Rating:            9/10