Mill St Seasonal Sampler

Mill St Seasonal Sampler

Mill St Seasonal Sampler

Mill St Seasonal Sampler

Ok I am putting all 3 of these into the same review to save time and since the brewery history is already on this website. The Molson 67 Review is gonna be a long be a long one by the way.


Stock Ale


%5.0 Stock Ale from Mill St. is a smooth and refreshing but a little bit hoppy it

It has a little bit of a bitter after taste but overall it is a good beer and definitely worth a try.


Rating: 8/10


Organic Lager


%4.2 Lager it has a nice pale golden colour to it along with a clean and refreshing taste. Overall this beer doesn’t have much for it to stand out like the Organic Ale I found this pretty watery and its pretty much middle of the road, boiler plate average.


Rating: 7/10


Belgian Wit


%5.2 Belgian Wit, a Belgian wit is a Wheat beer and I don’t think I’ve ever had one before and I liked this beer it was new to me and quite unique. It’s an unfiltered beer. Wit stands for white it has a cloudy white colour, its very hoppy with a bitter aftertaste. It has a grainy taste and texture with a bit of a yeasty taste to it to overall if you are looking for something different give it a try.





Country:           Canada

Type:                Stock Ale/ Lager/ Belgian Wit

Alcohol:            %5.0/ %4.2/ %5.2

Rating:              8/7/8.5 out of 10




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