Barking Squirrel

Barking Squirrel

Barking Squirrel

Ok the Blog on Barking Squirrel was long and this will have none of the atmosphere and random ramblings I went on.


The beer

The beer is a craft beer that is meant to be a craft beer without all the glitz and glamour. Barking Squirrel Lager is brewed by The Hop City brewery it has a darkish orangy colour with a hoppy taste and a fruity finish it is a %5 lager that is again only available at pubs and restaurants.  Hop City is also coming out with another beer I here soon called lawn chair “Classic” Weisse  so I look forward to trying it. A link to their location finder is also going to be posted on the bottom of this review.


Country:              Canada

Type:                     Lager

Alcohol:                %5.0

Rating:                  9/10




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